Back at it

After a month or so development hiatus, I'm going back at it for a couple weeks in development. The feature requests have been piling up in the comments and I'm going to tackle them one by one. I think I'll start with the waterwheel carousel and try and get all the low hanging fruit taken care of before the big request... making the carousel completely circular. I understand why so many would like to have this, but the logistics of making it happen are a bit complicated. Do I duplicate the images in the DOM at the start of the carousel? Then what happens if they have a unique ID? Simply moving them to the other side when they are out of site is tough as well - what happens if there are only 7 items in the carousel and it's set to display 8? There's a lot to think about for making it circular, but I'm committed to doing so.

jQuery just came out with a pretty large release. I haven't looked too much into it but there are some rumblings that .attr() has been changed around quite a bit and breaks existing plugins that rely on it. I have no problem with that - I trust that it was the right decision moving forward. I give them props for not wasting resources on backwards compatibility. Someone can chose to not upgrade jQuery, or even run two different versions of it on a page.

I've also changed the site around a bit. I've added a prominent side navigation for usability reasons. That weird floating nav box just wasn't cutting it anymore. I've also added a nice little tag cloud for my blog entries - a trendy must for any blog owner. I'm also making a commitment to make the site more personable as well. I've added the About Me page which will be a work in progress but I thought it needed to go up. You can also now submit plugin demonstrations. This allows users to submit basic info about a site of theirs where they have used my carousels. It will give others a good idea of how they are used in the wild. Once I get a decent amount of submissions I will add the list up.

That's all folks...