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Creating a Resource Calendar in Drupal 7

I just finished up a small project at work to create a basic resource management calendar to visualize and manage room and other asset reservations. The idea was to have a calendar that displayed reservations for various resources and allow privileged users the ability add reservations themselves. The existing system that was being used was a pain to work with and very time consuming - and I knew this could be done easily in Drupal 7. The solution could be extended to create a more general resource booking / room booking system.

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Digging Deeper into Drupal Page Caching

I've been away from full time Drupal development for a couple of years and have recently returned, this time making a commitment improve my understanding of core. There's a lot of information out there on Drupal caching, but I found much of it to be fragmented and outdated (Drupal 6). I wanted to provide a more comprehensive look at Drupal 7's core caching, explaining how some of this stuff is actually working under the hood.

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The Importance of Character Encodings

I recently started on a project that involves migrating some data from a legacy app & database into Drupal. The old application is a collection of PHP scripts that basically just generate forms, accept data, insert said data into the database, and output it on a website. Pretty simple stuff - there's not a whole lot going on. It was developed long before many of the popular CMS's and frameworks came to be, and probably before people really started paying attention to the character encoding of their data.

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Quick and dirty script logging

I write quite a bit of Ruby scripts that run at scheduled intervals via cron, and need a way to monitor their output easily. Ruby has a few popular logging solutions, including one that is part of the standard library, that can be fairly easy to integrate into your script.



Waterwheel Carousel 2.2 released

This is a small release. A lot of people have been having trouble with the carousel not loading properly, and I'm sure this is because of the image preloader. The carousel has always worked by first attempting to forcefully load all of the images before initializing. This is a well known difficulty within the javascript community. I thought I had a pretty solid preloader finally figured out, but alas people continue to have issues with it.

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