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Why You Should Use A 3rd Party Comment Service

Drupal is a wonderful content management system. Any Drupal web developer will tell you that there seems to be a module for anything you can think of. For the most part, this is what makes Drupal so great. The community support is second to none and it's never too hard to find a module that suites your needs.

With that said, it's important to understand when there may be something other than Drupal that you should be using for a particular functionality. Commenting is the best example of this.

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HTML5 - What a Project Manager Should Know

HTML5 has become quite the buzz word lately, and it's important for people in both developer roles and project management roles to understand what it really is. The term has been around long enough that clients are aware of it, and may begin to ask "so how will you incorporate HTML5 into our website?" Not knowing how to answer this could be disastrous when attempting to gain the trust of a potential client.



Feature Carousel v1.3 Released

I've just tagged version 1.3 of the Feature Carousel. This release includes the following updates

  • Changed structure to support public functions
  • Added four public functions to control carousel
  • Fixed image preloader to work in IE versions
  • A few minor bug fixes

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Waterwheel version 1.3 released!

Finally got the time to put out the next release. I'm pretty happy with this one - I tied up a lot of loose ends and common feature requests. The most important feature is the circular support I added in. A lot of people desired to have a true infinite ciruclar effect (so there are no edges or walls), and I was planning on that for v1.4. However I was messing around with some ideas and in the meantime added in support for resetting the carousel to the opposite side very quickly when an edge is hit. Check it out! Here is the changelog:

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Back at it

After a month or so development hiatus, I'm going back at it for a couple weeks in development. The feature requests have been piling up in the comments and I'm going to tackle them one by one. I think I'll start with the waterwheel carousel and try and get all the low hanging fruit taken care of before the big request... making the carousel completely circular. I understand why so many would like to have this, but the logistics of making it happen are a bit complicated. Do I duplicate the images in the DOM at the start of the carousel?

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