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Modifying FAPI output with Drupal 7's renderable arrays

I've been working on a project that requires the search block look a very specific way. The text input and submit button needed to be directly next to one another. I could probably get it done with just CSS, but all the extra markup in the search block was really bothering me.

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Creating a primary and secondary horizontal menu in Drupal

This is a fairly common menu structure for Drupal developers to deal with, and depending on how it functions, it could be super easy. Here's the scenario: you need to display the 1st level of links in a menu horizontally, and the 2nd level in that same menu right beneath it.

There are at least two different ways that this can be implemented. The first is a static approach, where you do NOT need to show children of each primary link when hovering.

Consider this menu strucure:

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Why You Should Use A 3rd Party Comment Service

Drupal is a wonderful content management system. Any Drupal web developer will tell you that there seems to be a module for anything you can think of. For the most part, this is what makes Drupal so great. The community support is second to none and it's never too hard to find a module that suites your needs.

With that said, it's important to understand when there may be something other than Drupal that you should be using for a particular functionality. Commenting is the best example of this.

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HTML5 - What a Project Manager Should Know

HTML5 has become quite the buzz word lately, and it's important for people in both developer roles and project management roles to understand what it really is. The term has been around long enough that clients are aware of it, and may begin to ask "so how will you incorporate HTML5 into our website?" Not knowing how to answer this could be disastrous when attempting to gain the trust of a potential client.



Feature Carousel v1.3 Released

I've just tagged version 1.3 of the Feature Carousel. This release includes the following updates

  • Changed structure to support public functions
  • Added four public functions to control carousel
  • Fixed image preloader to work in IE versions
  • A few minor bug fixes

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