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Back at it

After a month or so development hiatus, I'm going back at it for a couple weeks in development. The feature requests have been piling up in the comments and I'm going to tackle them one by one. I think I'll start with the waterwheel carousel and try and get all the low hanging fruit taken care of before the big request... making the carousel completely circular. I understand why so many would like to have this, but the logistics of making it happen are a bit complicated. Do I duplicate the images in the DOM at the start of the carousel?

Tags: jQuery, Waterwheel Carousel


DrupalCon Chicago 2011 Recap - Part 3

I had a great time at DrupalCon. This was the last day of presentations before I had to catch my flight back to Philly. Because of my flight time I had to miss the last session track and any meet ups that night, but such is life. My favorite presentation of the conference was on this day: Drupal Commerce. I look forward to exploring all of these modules, ideas, and technologies in the upcoming months!

Tags: Chicago, Drupal, Drupal 7, Drupal Commerce, DrupalCon, Render API, Ubercart, Drupal Planet


DrupalCon Chicago 2011 Recap - Part 2

This is the second entry in recapping my trip to Chicago for DrupalCon. On the opening night (Monday), a party was held at the Field Museum of Natural History. Beer, wine, and plenty of food was served as we were all free to roam around most of the building. The most impressive was certainly Sue, the world's most complete T-Rex fossil. Certainly worth checking out if you are end up in Chicago.

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DrupalCon Chicago 2011 Recap - Part 1

Hello all... I've just returned from my first DrupalCon this past week, and it was a great time & experience. It was also the first time I was on a commercial flight, but all went well. I've been developing sites in Drupal for about a year now and couldn't have been more excited to head to Chicago to check out the bi-annual conference. Chicago is certainly a beautiful city!

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Version 1.1 Feature Carousel, Version 1.2.1 of Waterwheel Carousel

I've managed to get out a new release of the Feature Carousel. It includes some common feature requests such as next and previous control arrows. In fact, version 1.0 supported them in the code but I never actually utilized them in the HTML for demonstrating.

Tags: Feature Carousel, new release, Waterwheel Carousel