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Version 1.1 Feature Carousel, Version 1.2.1 of Waterwheel Carousel

I've managed to get out a new release of the Feature Carousel. It includes some common feature requests such as next and previous control arrows. In fact, version 1.0 supported them in the code but I never actually utilized them in the HTML for demonstrating.

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Development roadmaps...

I've added a development roadmap for both carousels; it outlines what I have in mind for future releases. If you'd like to see a feature added to either of the carousels, go ahead an comment on the roadmap page to have it added. If it's not too crazy, I can probably work it in. A large request for the feature carousel is to be able to display more than one flanking "feature" story. I think most people assume it can be done, but doing so requires rewriting a lot of code. I'll get this out on version 1.2. For version 1.1, I'm focusing on several small bug fixes and browser compatibility.

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Waterwheel version 1.2 release

I've just commited the v1.2 tag for the waterwheel carousel. You can download this version on GitHub; just select the Download button, and then the link for v1.2. This version includes a few improvements that have been bothering users and I alike for a while. Here is a short summary (I may have missed something...):

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New website

Hello all..

This has been a long time coming, but I finally relaunched this website. The old site has been taken down and will never be seen again... I originally threw it up in a few days just to showcase my two jQuery plug-ins. I had just about no experience using Drupal (or any other web framework for that matter) at the time that site went up and it was pretty poorly made. Now that I know what I'm doing with Drupal, the site was pretty easy to get up and going!