jQuery Feature Carousel FAQ

The carousel is not showing up or looks strange. Why?

There are a few reasons this could happen, but the easiest way to figure out why is to use Firefox with the Firebug development tool. This tool will likely give an indication of what is going on. You can also try:

  • Ensuring you have at least version 1.4 of jQuery included as well as the latest version of the carousel (AFTER the jQuery library)
  • Make sure the CSS matches that provided with the carousel. Altering this just a little bit could break the carousel.
  • Your HTML markup does not stray too far from the example, and that you maintained the classes of the elements. The carousel relies on the class names to work properly.
  • Are all your images the same size? If you aren't specifying an exact height and width for the features, make sure all the images are the same dimensions. The carousel doesn't support images of different sizes.

How do I add links to the carousel?

You can place links anywhere within each feature... such as a link around the image and around the description text. The carousel will only enable links when a feature has rotated to the center. All other links will be inactive.

Can the captions be positioned differently?

Yes, you have a lot of flexibility with the captions. By default, they are overlayed on the image along the bottom. By altering the "#carousel .carousel-feature .carousel-caption" css element, you can move the captions to the top, left, or right of the image instead. Simply adjust the width, height, top, left, right, and bottom properties.

How can I change the opacity of the caption background?

You can do this by altering the carousel code itself. It's an easy change in the code. It is set to 0.85 by default, as this seems like an ideal opacity. Please not that due to CSS limitations, anything inside of the caption will also loose opacity. This is unavoidable.

Can I show more than 3 images at once?

Simply answer: no. The carousel was designed to just have one 'flanking' feature on either side of the main feature. Altering this would require a significant reworking of the carousel. I may consider working this in if someone were to fund development.