Introducing the Editoria11y Drupal module

John Jameson, a digital accessibility developer and colleague of mine, has been working hard for months on a new accessibility module for Drupal module Editoria11y.

Editoria11y (editorial accessibility) is a user-friendly accessibility checker that addresses three critical needs for content authors:

  • It runs automatically. Modern spellcheck works so well because it is always running; put spellcheck behind a button and few users remember to run it!
  • It runs in context. Views, Layout Builder, Media and all the other modules Drupal uses to assemble a complex page means checkers that run on individual fields cannot “see” errors that appear on render.
  • It focuses exclusively on content issues: things page editors can easily understand and easily fix. Editoria11y is meant to supplement, not replace, testing with comprehensive tools and real assistive devices.

John and I are part of a great team that works on Princeton University’s “Site Builder” Drupal platform. We’ve already enabled this module on hundreds of our websites with a positive reception.

John’s written up a much more detailed introduction to this module on Princeton’s accessibility website.

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