New website

Hello all..

This has been a long time coming, but I finally relaunched this website. The old site has been taken down and will never be seen again… I originally threw it up in a few days just to showcase my two jQuery plug-ins. I had just about no experience using Drupal (or any other web framework for that matter) at the time that site went up and it was pretty poorly made. Now that I know what I’m doing with Drupal, the site was pretty easy to get up and going!

Here you will still find two pages dedicated to the carousels, but the pages are broken up a bit more now. Additionally, I will begin sifting through the hundreds of emails from the user base with questions, comments, and suggestions for the carousels. To anyone reading to had previously sent me an email: I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you! It’s been a very busy 2010 for me and to be honest the carousels were not a high priority of mine. It will take me a while to go through the emails, but I’ll take notes as I do and come up with solid development path for new versions of each carousel. Both carousels are now up on GitHub. I will be using that to manage the carousels from here on out.

To help the community out, I’ve enabled commenting on the each carousels landing page. Please utilize the commenting system to post questions regarding the carousel. This will allow the entire community to benefit. I am more likely to respond to issues you have through there than an email.

I should also note that I’ve already published version 1.1 of the waterwheel carousel. I made changes to it a while back and never updated the site’s code to display it. Thanks for visiting.

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