Waterwheel version 1.2 release

I’ve just commited the v1.2 tag for the waterwheel carousel. You can download this version on GitHub; just select the Download button, and then the link for v1.2. This version includes a few improvements that have been bothering users and I alike for a while. Here is a short summary (I may have missed something…):

  • support for more than one carousel on a page
  • autoplay works properly
  • control box with previous next
  • added a bunch of example cases to index.html in release
  • internet explorer bugs fixed
  • changed HTML structure
  • lots of bug fixes

I’ve also updated all of the pages supporting the carousel, including explanations on how to use the callback functions properly. I’m exicted to continue development on the two carousels. Now that I got this latest release out, I will likely shift focus to a bunch of issues with the feature carousel. I’m still going through the hundreds of emails I’ve received regarding issues with both carousels. I’ll try to address them in this next release.

That’s all for now! Feel free to donate using the link above if you’ve enjoyed using the carousel :)

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